News 9/9/01
I know that its been a week with out updates but iv been at school. My Cyx2 page will have more stuff soon so keep checking it. Not much new Cybiko went Global, Cybla is changing servers, im 15 in the Cybiok Top 50. I also noticed that their has been a decline in updates and on the cyboard in the Cybiko community.NOTE: If any one has a working Drug Wars game for the Cybiko PLEASE send  it to me. Every time I start it up, it loads the start up screen then goes back to the menu so please help me out and send it to Thank you.

News 8/30/01
The Boot Logo page is up!! Its in the Downloads Page. I only have 2 right now. So if any one has any boot logos please send them to Please give me your name so I can give credit. Also check out my Cyx2 page. Its not much but I will be adding a lot to it this week. Also should I re-open BlueCybiko? Send your thoughts to

News 8/23/01
Im back, but on sunday ill be leaving for vacation
and wont be back in till tuseday. Their will be some new games up soon and a boot logo page. Also Magiko Inc. has won our SOTW!! Good Job on the site it looks great!! Im also working on a page were you vote for your favorite Cybiko games. Note: If any one knows were I can get a scooling text bar (with black back ground and orange leters please let me know I would like to have one at the top of my home page.Thanks: To Cybikoz for helping me out finding Sav. Cybikoz got a great site with a dope layout go check it out now

News 8/20/01
Im very sorry for the lack of updates but iv been
x-treamly  busy. Iv been at X games all week its great. I meet Bam Margera, Josh Kalis, Rick Thorn, Dave Mirra, Carrot Top, and Sal Masika (he put me behind him so I could be on T.V.!!). Also this site will not be updated intill  Thursday. Sorry but I got to do some work so I can buy a car.