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You can only enter once a week.
If your found with this award on your site and you wernt chosen you'll be banned from ever entering for this SOTW.
All winners will be desplade on the home page for one week.
You must send me a banner or a picture of your of your site. (Look at directions at bottom to see how to take screen shoots of your site.)

If you have a cybiko web site and want to enter in my SOTW program please enter your name, E-Mail,web site address and a little about your site.
Screen Shot Directions:
 To snap a pic of your screen all you have to do is press the Print Screen button. It copies itself to your clipboard. Then go into paint and got edit/ paste or press ctrl+v and walla!
Save it in paint then use Photoshop or something to convert it to a .gif or .jpg. That Saves you a lot of time!
If you want me to take the screen shot just put (Screen Shot) at the bottom of your entry.

                                                                            Past Winners